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Oasis OAS/OH20 houder voor digitale hygrometer

Oasis Oasis OAS/OH20 houder voor digitale hygrometer


€ 11,90

houder voor digitale hygrometer voor montage op gitaar
We created the Oasis® Hygrometer Holder to enable you to measure the humidity at the body of your guitar without risk of scratching the soundboard. Accurate humidity measurement is only possible when the hygrometer is positioned near the area where the humidifier is located. Guitar cases are designed with a cradle to support the neck of the guitar. This is also where the supply/accessory box is located, which creates a humidity barrier. Thus placing a humidifier at the headstock humidifies the head and neck but not the guitar body, and placing a humidifier in the sound hole humidifies the body of the guitar but not the headstock. Placing a hygrometer either at the supply box or the headstock won’t provide accurate humidity measurements if the humidifier is located in the sound hole. The Oasis® Guitar Hygrometer Holder solves this problem by allowing placement of the hygrometer by the sound hole of your guitar near your humidifier.
How does it work? Made from a soft loop Velcro type material, it wraps around the first string and provides a flat surface where the hygrometer can be attached. An adhesive backed piece of hooked Velcro type material is attached to the back of the hygrometer.
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